About Us


Educated Therapists is an online educational portal which covers everything from skin anatomy and physiology to business know how.

Founded in 2014, Educated Therapists recognised that training being delivered was not centered around current research or the new and emerging cosmetic ingredients that were entering the market. The majority of beauty therapy curriculum’s teach out of date information and quite often the student is left without the ability to link skin structure and function to ingredients and their actions in the skin.  Many therapists still lack the knowledge upon correct diagnosis, to identify exactly which ingredients are required to solve which skin condition. The result is training seminars and workshops that are non product aligned that empower Estheticians with the correct information and knowledge to quickly bring about a response in the skin.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the face of the cosmetics industry by empowering Estheticians with knowledge.

Have you ever been told something by a cosmetic representative only to find out later on that it was bogus?

We have…..which is why we started Educated Therapists.  During my 19 years in this industry I have seen so much misinformation spread to therapists and without knowledge you do not have the ability to determine the truth from the propaganda that is being sold to you.

Core Goals

  • To provide you with the tools and education you need to be able to intelligently assess skin conditions.
  • To educate you about new ingredients on the market so that you continually grow in their knowledge.
  • To teach you which areas to focus on immediately with skin and which ingredients will address these problems quickly.
  • To teach you to be able to discern between marketing hype or misinformation and facts.